Monday, October 12, 2015


2015 10 12 "Nil" #OW

Nil is the empty set; nothing.

Nil looks like a blank.

Nil sounds like silence.

Nil smells like the vacuum of space.

Nil feels like the void.

Nil tastes like chicken -- minus the chicken.

Rhymes with Nil: trill ’twill, twill Amityville, dullsville, Evansville, Louisville, Oysterville, Seville (etc.), vill, ville, vaudeville vrille free will, goodwill, whippoorwill, ill will, poorwill, self-will, will Brazil, frazil, zill

I love you this much: nil
I hate your nagging voice, the way you trill
The way you brag about your home town, Louisville
But hate's too strong a word, I wish you no ill will