Saturday, October 03, 2015


2015 10 03 "Matchstick" #OW

Matchstick is a piece of wood or cardboard with one end designed for striking to start a fire.

Matchstick looks like a short or long stick with red on one end (or flame, or ash).

Matchstick sounds like, " Sizzle."

Matchstick smells like fire.

Matchstick feels like the power to destroy held between your two little fingers.

Matchstick tastes like wood or cardboard.

Rhymes with Matchstick: snick spick B bestick, BR broomstick, CH chapstick, chopstick, D dipstick, DR drumstick, F fiddlestick, GR greenstick, K candlestick, L lipstick, metestick, maulstick, monostich, N knobstick, nonstick, P pentastich, pigstick, S singlestick, swordstick, SL slapstick, ST stich, stick, swizzle stick, T telestich, tetrastich, U unstick, W walkingstick, Y yardstick strick thick anapestic, arithmetic, heretic, impolitic, cosmopolitic, lunatic, politic, rickytick, tic, tick, triptych dirty trick, gastrotrich, metric, overtrick, trick, undertrick Crown Vic, Old Vic, Reykjavik bailiwick, Brunswick, candlewick, lampwick, Warwick, wick

Behold, the power of the matchstick!
As much power as when I flick my Bic!
I can use my matchstick to start the fire to cook my drumstick
Or light a candle, so long as I have enough wick...