Friday, October 02, 2015


2015 10 02 "Limerick" #OW

Limerick is a specialized type of poem with the A-A-B-B-A rhyming structure.

Limerick looks like an old man from Nantucket.

Limerick sounds like a sing-songy rhyme of 5 lines.

Rhymes with Limerick: A archbishopric, B bishopric, H hayrick, K choleric, M maverick, PL plethoric, R rhetoric, rick, wrick, SH chivalric, T tumeric, turmeric schrik shtick, schtick A airsick, BR brainsick, H heartsick, homesick, K carsick, L landsick, lovesick, M moonsick, S seasick, sic, sick, SP spacesick slick

What's in a Limerick?
The town or the pome (sic)
If you find yourself in Nantucket
With only the clothes on your back and a bucket...
Would you be willing to do that trick?