Tuesday, October 06, 2015


2015 10 06 "Isle" #OW

Isle is a small island.

Isle looks like the lagoon from Gilligan's Island.

Isle sounds like a Tarzan yell.

Isle smells like salt water from ocean which surrounds you.

Isle feels like freedom from the constraints of the modern world.

Isle tastes like coconuts and bananas.

Rhymes with Isle: aisle, I’ll, atrabile, bile chile aedile, crocodile, merdaille A Anglophile, B bibliophile, D defile, demophile, discophile, E aelurophile, eosinnophile, ergophile, F file, photofile, FR Francophile, G Gallophile, gastrophile, H halophile, hippophile, homophile, I Italophile, interfile, J Japanophile, Germanophile, gynotikolobomassophile, M myrmecophile, mesophile, N nailfile,

I'll be the one you met when you walk down the aisle on that Greek isle...
I'll be your man and you'll be my honey chile
I'll be the one grinning ear-to-ear, basking in your radiant smile
I'll be the luckiest guy on Earth as we take our honeymoon floating up the Nile...