Tuesday, October 27, 2015


2015 10 27 "Heroine" #OW

Heroine is the lady hero.

Heroine looks like Melissa Benoist.

Heroine sounds like, "Up, up and away!"

Heroine smells like teen spirit.

Heroine feels like Superman's older cousin who's younger due to the idiosyncracies of long-distance space travel.

Heroine tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Heroine: Bedouin, benzoin, fibroin, heroin, herein, wherein, whipper-in, in, inn, genuine, caffeine, all-in, therein, within B been, bin, dustbin, GL globin, H hasbeen, hemoglobin, J jacobin, Jacobin, K carabine, colobin  brin, Aladdin, almandine, amidin, din, hirundine, incarnadine, codeine, morindin, muscadine, Odin, paladin Benzedrine, ephedrin, Sanhedrin FIN B bowfin, BL blackfin, D dauphin, dolphin, E elfin, F fin, Finn, M Mickey Finn, P paraffin, R ragamuffin, redfin, THR threadfin begin glin agrin, grin, Lohengrin, peregrine whin

You're my heroine
'Cause you donated hemoglobin
And that time you gave money to save a dolphin
And 'cause you're so genuine!