Friday, October 23, 2015

Hannah, You're One Hell of a Bitch

"Hannah, You're One Hell of a Bitch #BFL"

Hannah, you're one hell of a bitch
You let me scratch your belly when you've got an itch
You like long walks on the beach or wherever
Girl, I'd love for you to sit and stay here forever.

I first met you on a warm summer's day,
You were shy at first but I swept you away.
I made you dinner, steaks so divine,
You ate so quickly, then you shared your whine.
You're direct, girl, you don't like to flirt,
Not one for small talk, but you loved your dessert.
Now when we have biscuits or crumpets with tea,
You just dig in, girl, you don't wait for me.

You're so pretty, with your pretty yellow hair
You're so obnoxious, can't take you anywhere
People all say, Oh, she's so pretty, she's such a cutie
You pretend you don't hear, don't care about beauty.
When I ask how it's going, you say that it's ruff,
Some say you lead a dog's life, but that don't mean you're not tough.
You're smart as a whip, smart as anything,
When I ask what's 9 times 3 minus 27, you don't say a thing.

Some folks say you, others say y'all
Either way's fine with you, if I just toss your ball.
Was that a squirrel, girl, or was it a cat?
You'll never know for sure, girl, 'cause you can't catch that.
You're so brave girl, yeah, you have got guts
I just don't understand, girl, why you love to sniff butts.
When we go walking and the other dogs bark,
You're so chill, girl, you're just out for a lark.