Monday, October 05, 2015


2015 10 05 "Edict" #OW

Edict is when you lay down the law.

Edict looks like parchment with words on it in an official-looking font.  There may be ribbons and a wax seal involved.

Edict sounds like, "Blah blah blah CUZ I SAID SO!".

Edict smells like adrenalin.

Edict feels like being bossed around.

Edict tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Edict: addict, benedict, interdict, contradict, maledict, predict, retrodict afflict, deconflict, inflict, conflict delict, derelict, relict apomict depict, Pict astrict, derestrict, constrict, overstrict, restrict, strict, understrict evict, convict

This is my edict:
Woman, you're too strict
Tired of you treatin' me like a convict!
Had enough of all these laws you want to inflict...