Saturday, October 10, 2015


2015 10 10 "Downhill" #OW

Downhill refers to going "down" a "hill."

Downhill looks like looking down a hill.

Downhill sounds like the sound your shoes make walking down a hill.

Downhill smells like fresh country air.

Downhill feels like succumbing to the gravity of the situation.

Downhill tastes like daisies and other plants that grow on the sides of hills.

Rhymes with Downhill: A Anglophil, D demophil, E eosinnophil, F fill, phytophil, fulfil, fulfill, KL cladophyll, chlorophyll, monophyll, N neutrophil, O overfill, R refill, SKL sclerophyll, SP sporophyll, U underfill, unfill, Z xanthophyll befrill, frill gill, bluegill, scrodgill grill, grille anthill, dunghill, foothill, hill, molehill, uphill aspergill, gill, jill kil, kill, kiln, limekiln, no-kill, rekill, winterkill quill li’l, lill De Mille, flourmill, gristmill, mill, powdermill, cement mill, sawmill, steelmill, treadmill, watermill, windmill juvenile, manille, nil, thionyl, uranyl minipill, morning-after pill, pill prill puerile, rill shill shrill

Agh!  It's all downhill!
Don't mean to sound shrill...
I wish I could take a pill
To let me kind of chill...