Sunday, October 11, 2015


2015 10 11 "Domicile" #OW

Domicile is your  house, apartment, or other residence.

Domicile looks like a house.

Domicile sounds like the creaking noises a house makes as it settles.

Domicile smells like whatever you keep in your house: pizza, fresh laundry, beer, etc.

Domicile feels like home.

Domicile tastes like whatever you can find in the fridge at 3 a.m.

Rhymes with Domicile: domicile, doorsill, groundsill, headsill, imbecile, codicil, sill, verticil, windowsill skill squill overspill, spill bestill, instill, reinstill, standstill, still, stock-still pigswill, swill thill enthrill, thrill A acetyl, D distill, I infantile, intertill, K coutil, M mercantile, N no-till, O overtill, P pastille, pulsatile, R retill, T ’til, till, tormentil, TH thereuntil, U until, untill, V versatile, vibratile, volatile

I pass the doorsill to enter my domicile
When I got the house I signed a codicil
'Cause to own this house, that was my will
I plan to stay here forever, or at least until...