Wednesday, October 21, 2015


2015 10 21 "Dine" #OW

Dine is to consume a meal.

Dine looks like two people sitting at a fancy table, with candles and such.

Dine sounds like lips smacking together, if the food is good.

Dine smells like meat, vegetables, bread, and pasta.

Dine feels like heaven.

Dine tastes like dinner.

Rhymes with Dine: eyn bine, cannabine, carabine, carbine, columbine, combine, concubine, Sabine, turbine, woodbine brine, colubrine chine A alcidine, almandine, anodine, aerodyne, D dyne, H heterodyne, hirundine, I indign, incarnadine, K kadein, condign, M muscadine, N nundine, P paludine, S celandine affine, define, fine, confine, refine, superfine, trephine whine jine kine

It's dinnertime and so we dine
We're having fish so we drink white wine
It's salt water fish with just a hint of brine
"Nothing could be better!" you exclaim, and I agree it's fine.