Wednesday, October 07, 2015


2015 10 07 "Ctenophile" #OW

Ctenophile is a lover of combs.

Ctenophile looks like someone with unruly hair and a lot of combs in their collection.

Ctenophile sounds like rubbing one's hair with a comb.

Ctenophile smells like hair product.

Ctenophile feels like the tactile sensation of combing one's hair.

Ctenophile tastes like pre-hairball.

Rhymes with Ctenophile: audiophile, P paper file, pyrophile, PR profile, R refile, rheophile, Russophile, S psychophile, psychrophile, cinephile, single file, SL Slavophile, SP spermophile, typhlophile, typophile, Turkophile, TH theophile, thermophile, Z xenophile, Zionophile, zoophile beguile, guile, gyle heil awhile, erewhile, erstwhile, meanwhile, otherwhile, somewhile, therewhile, while, worthwhile chyle, kyle Carlisle, lisle camomile, mile

I confess I'm a ctenophile
So sit back and relax -- I'll be combing my hair for awhile
I don't know what to say, it makes me smile
And I know you agree -- you LIKE my hair style...