Thursday, October 01, 2015


2015 10 01 "Bic" #OW

Bic is a brand of cheap lighter.

Bic looks like a little tube.

Bic sounds like the wheel spinning as you try to light it.

Bic smells like kerosene.

Bic feels like having the power to start fires.

Bic tastes like kerosene, plastic and metal.

Rhymes with : ich, ick, ik, ichthyic Arabic, iambic airbrick, brick, firebrick, red-brick allocochick, chic, chick, dabchick, holluschick, peachick benedick, Benedick, dick, dik-dik, sandik flick, skin-flick hic, hick kick, sidekick, trochaic click, click-click creek, crick doublequick, quick bootlick, dactylic, Catholic, cowlick, lick, relic comic, mick arsenic, kinnikinnick, nick, eugenic handpick, nutpick, pic, pick, toothpick, Waterpick pinprick, prick

Well, flick my Bic!
Kiss my grits!
That's one hot chick!
Show us yer ...