Saturday, October 17, 2015


2015 10 17 "Bedtime" #OW

Bedtime is the appointed hour for retiring for the evening.

Bedtime looks like a little kid in footie pajamas saying his prayers at the foot of his bed.

Bedtime sounds like, "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

Bedtime smells like a mint on your pillow.

Bedtime feels like being too tired to stay awake.

Bedtime tastes like dreaming you ate a 10-pound marshmallow and waking up to find your pillow is gone.

Rhymes with Bedtime: aforetime, aftertime, BR breathing time, D daytime, downtime, E eaning time, eating time, F foretime, full-time, H halftime, harvest time, haying time, L lifetime, longtime, M maritime, meantime, midtime, mistime, N nighttime, noontime, O overtime, P pairing time, part-time, pastime, peacetime, PL playtime, PR prime time, R ragtime, S seedtime, sometime, summertime, suppertime, SP springtime, T thyme, time, two-time, U undertime, W wintertime, Y yearning time enzyme, co-enzyme, lysozyme

Aaah... sleepy... bedtime
Sun's gone down... nighttime
The opposite of daytime
To stay awake any longer would be a crime...