Wednesday, September 02, 2015


2015 09 02 "Tweeze" #OW

Tweeze is to pluck hair from your eyebrows.

Tweeze looks like plucking hair in front of a mirror.

Tweeze sounds like, "Ow!"

Tweeze smells like pulled hair.

Tweeze feels like a short, sharp pain as the hair comes out.

Tweeze tastes like pain.

Rhymes with Tweeze: squeeze sleaze sneeze displease, pleas, please betise, D. T.’s, Maltese, tease, Socrates, sottise these  Genevese weeze disease

I don't mean to tease -- I like to watch you tweeze
'Cause it's a little thing you do just to please
Like saying, "God bless you," whenever I sneeze
But I swear I don't have a tweeze fetish -- that's not MY particular sleaze.