Monday, September 21, 2015


2015 09 21 "Tid" #OW

Tid means 3 times a day.

Tid looks like breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Tid sounds like swallow... swallow... swallow.

Tid smells like cherry cough syrup.

Tid feels like trying to better when you're sick.

Tid tastes like medicine.

Rhymes with Tid: amid, mid, pyramid hominid, prehominid, serranid, cyprinid elapid rid Cid askid, skid, tailskid squid slid strid thrid, unthrid hydatid, chromatid, spermatid, eupatrid kid-vid

I was a little kid -- don't know what I did -- the doctor told me to take my medicine tid.
Looking back I can't even pronounce the name of the disease of which I was trying to get rid.
I got better -- I got worse -- I got better -- I slid.
Finally the medicine took hold and put on the illness breaks -- I got out of my skid.
Thanks, Doc!