Saturday, September 26, 2015


2015 09 26 "Thimblerig" #OW

A thimblerig is a shell game.

A thimblerig looks like 3 card monty.

A thimblerig sounds like, "Find the queen!  Where's the pretty lady?  Easy money!"

A thimblerig smells like a homeless dude on a street corner fixing to take my money with sleight-of-hand.

A thimblerig feels like being outsmarted by a con artist.

A thimblerig tastes like disappointment.

Rhymes with thimblerig: prig outrig, rig, wrig, unrig cig snig spig sprig swig thig tig, tyg trig twig bewig, bigwig, earwig, whirliwig, periwig, wig, wysiwyg zig

Oh, it's a thimblerig!
The 3-card-monty man stole my money with a clever zig
I thought I could keep up with his con rig.
I bet he keeps the queen under his wig!