Saturday, September 12, 2015


2015 089 12 "Sitch" #OW

Sitch refers to the situation.

Sitch looks like what's happening right now.

Sitch sounds like what's coming into your ears right now.

Sitch smells like adrenalin and sweat.

Sitch feels like something urgent that's going on.

Sitch tastes like whatever you're eating right now.

Rhymes with Sitch: itch bitch, sonofabitch britch ditch fitch flitch glitch hitch, unhitch which kitsch quitch lich miche, mitch niche overpitch, pitch enrich, rich, unrich sich skitch scritch smritch snitch backstitch, chainstitch featherstitch, hemstitch, whipstitch, catstitch, restitch, saddlestitch, seamstitch, stitch, unstitch switch, unswitch twitch czarevitch bewitch, witch

Look, here's the sitch:
I picked poison ivy, got an itch
It's real bad, I'm-a scratching a bitch
So to cover my hands with mud, I dug a ditch.