Wednesday, September 09, 2015


2015 09 08 "Pie" #OW

Pie is a dessert with a flaky crust and a fruit filling.

Pie looks like crust and fruit.

Pie sounds like lips smacking.

Pie smells like cherry or apple or pumpkin.

Pie feels like the flakiness of the crust and the warmth of the filling.

Pie tastes like pumpkin or sweet potato or apple or cherry...

Rhymes with Pie: akaakai, bronchi, haikai, chi, rocaille cly decry, descry, cry, outcry A alkali, ally, antalkali, B belie, D disally, F forlie, H jai alai, J July, K quillai, L lapis lazuli, lazuli, lie, lye, Lorelie, M misally, mislie, O outlie, overlie, R really, rely, U underlie, V vox populi demi, demy, haeremai, my alumnae, alumni, Anno Domini, decani, deny, Gemini, nigh, nye, redeny, termini apple pie, blackberry pie, espy, humble pie, magpie, mince pie, nanpie, occupy, peach pie, pi, porkpie, potpet, preoccupy, sea pie, shoofly pie, umble pie apply, imply, comply, misapply, multiply, oversupply, ply, reply, supply, undersupply pry, repry

She's sweet as potato pie
It's too bad she can't help but lie.
She wants to be good but she don't want to try.
She SAYS she'll be good but then she doesn't comply.