Sunday, September 06, 2015


2015 09 06 "Oversimplify" #OW

Oversimplify means to dumb a topic down too much.

Oversimplify looks like the Far Side cartoon with the punchline, "and then a miracle occurs."

Oversimplify sounds like a blowhard claiming he has the answer to a complicated social problem.

Oversimplify smells like, "someone shit on a Christmas tree."

Oversimplify feels like not being heard or understood.

Oversimplify tastes like a school lunch.

Rhymes with Oversimplify: nullify, O objectify, obstupefy, aurify, ossify, P pacify, personify, petrify, pinguefy, purify, putrefy, PL planefy, PR preachify, presignify, prettify, R ramify, rarefy, ratify, reify, regentrify, rectify, remodify, reunif, revivify, rigidify, rubify, S saccharify, saxify, salify, salsify, sanctify, sanguify, sanify sponify, satisfy, certify, sci-fi, signify, syllabify, simplify, citify, solemnify, solidify, subjectify, SF spherify, SK scarify, scorify, SP speechify, specify, ST steelify, stellify, stiltify, stultify, stupefy, STR stratify, T tabefy, tepefy, terrify, testify, typify, torpify, torrefy, tumefy, TR transmogrify, U uglify, V verify, versify, vilify, vitrify, vivify, Y unify

As usual, you oversimplify
You get it wrong when you speechify
You make things worse -- this won't rectify
And with the time you waste the problems start to putrify.