Wednesday, September 16, 2015


2015 089 16 "Occupied" #OW

Occupied refers to a space that is inhabited by a person.

Occupied looks like a toilet stall with a closed door.

Occupied sounds like someone making their contribution to the circle of life.

Occupied smells like urine and excrement.

Occupied feels like you have to wait.

Rhymes with Occupied: pied, preoccupied, unoccupied applied, misapplied, multiplied, reapplied, replied, supplied, unapplied, unsupplied pride, self-pride A arride, B boride, D deride, dichloride, dioxide, disaccharide, deuteride, FL fluoride, H hydrochloride, KL chloride, M monosaccharide, N night-ride, nitride, O outride, override, R ride, S saccharide, T telluride, tetrachloride, TR trichloride, trisaccharide, Y ureide

With you my heart is occupied
The feelings grew and grew; they multiplied.
I really got into the feelings you supplied
But you're giving me love-diabetes with your emotional monosaccharide.