Friday, September 18, 2015


2015 089 18 "Mountainside" #OW

Mountainside is the side of a mountain.

Mountainside looks like the parts of the mountain below the peak.

Mountainside sounds like, "Avalanche!"

Mountainside smells like fresh country air.

Mountainside feels like gravity pulling you down as you fall to your death.

Mountainside tastes like the dirt you eat when you trip and stumble.

Rhymes with Mountainside: multicide, N nearside, nematocide, nightside, nucleoside, O oxide, oceanside, offside, onside, autocide, outside, overside, P parasiticide, parenticide, parricide, patricide, peroxide pesticide, piscicide, Port Said, PR prophesied, prolecide, R regicide, reprophesied, ringside, riverside, rodenticide, S seaside, cephalocide, side, silicide, silverside, sororicide, subside, cervicide, suicide, superoxide, SL slickenside SP spermicide, ST stateside, stillicide, T taeniacide, tyrannicide, topside, TR trioxide, uxoricide, underside, unprophesied, upside, V vaticide, verbicide, vermicide, vulpicide, W waterside, wayside, weatherside

On the nearside of the mountainside
Hair lightened with peroxide I couldn't hide
Just like the lady prophesied as she sighed
Everyone saw me make my way topside as I got ready to ride the waterslide...