Saturday, September 05, 2015


2015 09 05 "Justify" #OW

Justify means to demonstrate the righteousness of an action.

Justify looks like

Justify sounds like

Justify smells like

Justify feels like

Justify tastes like

Rhymes with Justify: interstratify, J jellify gentrify, jollify, K calcify, carnify, casefy, codify, cockneyfy, chondrify, KL clarify, classify, KR crucify, KW qualify, quantify, L labefy, ladyfy, lapidify, lenify, lignify, liquefy, lubrify, M madefy, magnify, matrify, micrify, minify, mystify, mythify, modify, mollify, mortify, mummify, mundify, N Nazify, nidify, nigrify, nitrify, notify

You CLAIM it's do or die yet you do not justify
Why -- you just make mo' problems that you magnify
You're so destructive you truly mystify
In fact, why don't you get up out of here so I can enjoy my pie?