Sunday, September 13, 2015


2015 089 13 "Hawk-eyed" #OW

Hawk-eyed means to have very sharp vision.

Hawk-eyed looks like someone who can see details clearly for long distances.

Rhymes with Hawk-eyed: A almond-eyed, Argus-eyed, B buckeyed, BL black-eyed, blear-eyed, blueeyed, D dioxide, dove-eyed, dull-eyed, E eagle-eyed, evil-eyed, F full-eyed, G goggle-eyed, GR green-eyed, H hazel-eyed, I eyed, I’d, ide, K calf-eyed, cat-eyed, cockeyed, KL clear-eyed, KR crosseyed, L lynx-eyed, M meek-eyed, misty-eyed, monoxide, N narrow-eyed, O ox-eyed, oxide, openeyed, oroide, owl-eyed, P pale-eyed, peroxide, pie-eyed, pink-eyed, pop-eyed, R red-eyed, round-eyed, S soft-eyed, SKW squint-eyed, SL slant-eyed, sloe-eyed, SN snake-eyed, W wide-eyed, wall-eyed, Y yellow-eyed abide, bide, carbide bride, child bride chide died, dyed, double-dyed, iodide, redyed, tie-eyed, undyed  anhydride, dried, dryed, hydride, overdried, redried, underdried, undried

Not cockeyed!  Hawk-eyed!
At 500 paces I can tell if your shirt's dyed.
Read the label of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide
Tell you if that deer you shot is living or if it died...