Thursday, September 24, 2015


2015 09 24 "Gift" #OW

A gift is something someone gives to you, or vice versa.

A gift looks like a box with fancy wrapping paper and a bow.

A gift sounds like whatever noise the item inside the box makes when you shake it, or when you drop it and break it.

A gift smells like Christmas.

A gift feels like love in a box.

A gift tastes like fruit cake.

Rhymes with Gift: biffed adrift, drift, snowdrift, spindrift, spoondrift whiffed cliffed airlift, heli-lift, lift, ski lift, topping lift, uplift miffed rift blueshift, gearshift, makeshift, redshift, shift festschrift, short shrift, shrift, spiegelschrift resift, sift squiffed, unsquiffed sniffed spiffed chimney swift, swift, Tom Swift tift spendthrift, thrift

My cheesecake is a gift
Got it on sale like a spendthrift
Light and fluffy like a snowdrift
Better have a piece know or you'll feel you got the short shrift...