Friday, September 04, 2015


2015 09 04 "Dry" #OW

Dry means not wet.

Dry looks like clothes on the clothesline.

Dry sounds like a dryer spinning.

Dry smells like fresh laundry.

Dry feels like friction.

Dry tastes like Crunch Berries without milk.

Rhymes with Dry: bly ao dai, bedye, die, dye, do-or-die, overdye, redye, sine die, undye adry, high-and-dry A acrify, alacrify, alkalify, acetify, acidify, amplify, angelify, Anglify, arefy, argufy, B basify, beatify, bonify, beautify, BR brutify, CH churchify, D daintify, damnify, dandify, defy, dehumanify, deify, declassify, demystify, demythify, demulsify, denazify, detoxify, diabolify, dignify, disqualify, dissatisfy, diversify, divinify, dulcify, duplify, E edify, exemplify, electrify, emulsify, esterify, F falsify, fie, fie-fie, phi, fishify, fortify, FR Frenchify, fructify, G gasify, GL glorify, GR gratify, H hi-fi, horrify, humanify, humidify, humify, I identify, indemnify, intensify

The bottle is dry
So we can't get high
Yes, folks, we're trying to detoxify
My, my, my.