Friday, September 11, 2015


2015 089 11 "Crib" #OW

A crib is the place where you stay.

A crib looks like 4 walls and a roof.

A crib sounds like Barry White playing in the bedroom with the lights down low.

A crib smells like candles, incense, and cologne.

A crib feels like getting ready to get it on.

A crib tastes like a microwave dinner and a cold can of soda et in front of the TV.

Rhymes with crib: bib, bibb chib dib drib fib gib glib jib corncrib, quib ad lib, gay lib, lib, women’s lib nib midrib, sparerib, rib sib squib snib

Gonna step to my bad ride and cruise on back to my crib
Gonna strap on my lobster bib
Eat on some sparerib
Come with me, grrl, and we'll rap about women's lib...