Monday, September 07, 2015


2015 09 07 "Butterfly" #OW

A butterfly is an insect with colorful wings, the adult form of the caterpillar.

A butterfly looks like the tattoo found on any young tramp's back.

A butterfly sounds like flapping gossamer wings.

A butterfly smells like flowers and poop.

A butterfly feels like a brittle ball of paper as you crush it on your hand.

A butterfly tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Butterfly: B bobfly, botfly, BL blackfly, blowfly, D damselfly, dobsonfly, DR dragonfly, F firefly, FL fly, G gadfly, gallfly, GR greenfly, H horsefly, housefly, K catchfly, M Mayfly, O outfly, overfly, S sandfly, SH shoofly, U underfly french fry, fry, small fry assegai, fall guy, gilgai, gilguy, guy, nilgei, wise guy Paraguay, Uruguay heigh, hi, hie, high, knee-high, on a high, riding high, shanghai, Shanghai, sky-high, ultrahigh wh, kowhai anthropophagi

A dream catcher dangling from the rear-view; a tattoo of a butterfly
A shapely ass that makes me say, "My, my, MY!"
A penchant for wasting her life on the wrong guy
Drug contacts that get her high, high, HIGH!
Her life will short and bright, like a firefly...