Monday, September 14, 2015

Bona fide

2015 089 14 "Bona fide" #OW

Bona fide means genuine.

Bona fide looks like a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Bona fide sounds like the Beatles.

Bona fide smells like fresh strawberries.

Bona fide feels like home.

Bona fide tastes like the Real Thing. (TM)

Rhymes with Bona fide: beatified, beautified, D defied, deified, dcalcified, dignified, dissatisfied, disulfide, diversified, dulcified, E edified, electrified, emulsified, F fortified, phosfide, FR fructified, GL glorified, GR gratified, I identified, intensified, J justified, K confide, countrified, KL classified, KR crucified, KW qualified, L liquefied, M magnified, mystified, modified, mollified, mortified, N notified, nullified, O ossified, overqualified, P pacified, petrified, purified, putrefied, R rarefied, ratified, rectified, revivified, S sanctified, saponified, satisfied, selfsatisfied, certified, citified, solidified, sulphide, SK scarified, scorified, SP specified, ST stultified, stupefied, STR stratified, T tepefied, terrified, testified, torrefied, tumefied, TR trisulfide

I'm keeping it real; I'm bona fide
My feelings for you have solidified.
My love is undeniable -- it won't be denied.
If I can't have you, I'll be... dissatisfied.