Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Blue sky

2015 09 09 "Blue sky" #OW

Blue sky is a clear sky during the day on Earth.

Blue sky looks like a clear sky with no clouds.

Blue sky sounds like fighter jets performing at a show.

Blue sky smells like daffodils and daisies.

Blue sky feels like limitless potential.

Blue sky tastes like cotton candy.

Rhymes with Blue sky: awry, caravanserai, wry, rye, samurai, serai cockshy, shy, unshy, workshy assai, prophesy, psi, scye, sigh, Versailles bluesky, ensky, cloudy sky, Skye descry, scry sly sny, snye bespy, counterspy, spatrify, spy, weatherspy spry, unspry pigsty, sty thigh, thy swy bowtie, hogtie, necktie, tie, Thai, untie atry, retry, try outvie, vie DKNY, wye, Y

Smiling faces!  Blue sky
Tasty Reuben! toasted rye
Forget my messy apartment! Pigsty
Make love in the tall grass!  I'm still spry