Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Bee’s knees

2015 09 01 "Bee’s knees" #OW

Bee’s knees is something pleasing.

Bee’s knees looks like an adorable little moppet with a big smile.

Bee’s knees sounds like, "You're a winner!"

Bee’s knees smells like a pretty flower.

Bee’s knees feels like a warm all-over contentness.

Bee’s knees tastes like honey.

Rhymes with Bee’s knees: A aborigines, Aragonese, Bolognese, CH Chinese, D Diogenes, H Havanese, J Japanese, Javanese, K Cantonese, chersonese, M manganese, Milanese, N knees, neese, neeze, nese, P pekinese, Pekinese, Pyrenees, Polonese, V Veronese, Viennese appease, peas, pease, trapeze displease, pleas, please imprese computerese, congeries, Navarrese, reeze, cerise, sububeres A analyses, antitheses, assise, D disseize, H hypothesese, I interstices, P periphrases, R reseize, S seas, sees, seize,syntheses, V vortices

Oh, she's the bee's knees!
I even love her little sneeze
The way she lisps when, she say, "Please,"
Her favorite food is anything Chinese.