Thursday, September 17, 2015


2015 089 17 "Backside" #OW

Backside is one's posterior.

Backside looks like you from behind.

Backside sounds like thighs rubbing together.

Backside smells like sweat.

Backside feels like padding.

Backside tastes like ass.

Rhymes with Backside: aborticide, acaricide, algicide, alongside, aside, bactericide, Barmecide, bedside, beside, biocide, BL blindside, blind side, BR broadside, brookside, D decide, deicide, dimethysulphoxide, diopside, dissatisfied, downside, E ecocide, excide, epoxide, ethoxide, F facticide, felicide, feticide, filicide, fireside, foreside, fungicide, FL flip side, FR fratricide, GL glycoside, glucoside, H herbicide, heroicide, herpicide, Heaviside, hillside, hospiticide, hydroxide, hydrosulphide, homicide, I infanticide, insecticide, inside, ironside, J genocide, germicide, giganticide, K quayside, coincide, countryside, L lakeside, lapicide, larvicide, liberticide, M magnicide, Merseyside, methoxide, meticide, monoxide, monstricide

I'll show you my backside
To indicate my disapproval of genocide
If you are also agin it you may decide
to join my at my home in the countryside.