Monday, September 28, 2015


2015 09 28 "Average" #OW

An average is the central value in a set of data.

An average looks like the middle of a range of numbers.

Rhymes with Average: A acreage, anchorage, B beverage, BR brokerage, F foliage, fosterage, FL flowerage, H harborage, hemorrhage, K Coleridge, cooperage, coverage, KW quarterage, L leverage, lineage, O overage, P pastorage, pasturage, pilferage, porterage, PL plunderage, R ridge, S cellarage, seigneurage, sewerage, T telpherage, tutorage, U upridge, V vicarage, W waterage surplusage squidge smidgehospitage, clientage, parentage, pilotage, arbitrage

Oh, you're okay, a little average
Maybe you could be something special with a little tutorage
A nicer wardrobe, dress up just a smidge
I guess you're someone with whom I could share a beverage.