Saturday, August 08, 2015

Wedding feast

2015 08 08 "Wedding feast" #OW

Wedding feast refers to the meal served at a wedding reception.

Wedding feast looks like plates of chicken and vegetables.

Wedding feast sounds like a drunken best man toasting the bride and groom.

Wedding feast smells like a collage of cologne and perfume.

Wedding feast feels like a celebration.

Wedding feast tastes like chicken and wedding cake.

Rhymes with Wedding feast: east, northeast, southeast beast, hartebeest, wildebeest modiste beanfeast, feast, harvest feast, fleeced, unfleeced geest greased, regreased, ungreased

It was a fabulous wedding feast!
Best in all the North-West-South-East!
To get out the door the fat folks had to be greased
Afterwards you'd have thought the buffet table had been attacked by a rampaging wildebeest.