Saturday, August 29, 2015


2015 08 29 "Weave" #OW

Weave means to make textiles out of thread.

Weave looks like a machine-made shirt or pair of pants.

Weave sounds like needles and thread working on a loom.

Weave smells like industrial solvents in a textile factory.

Weave feels like cotton or polyester blend.

Weave tastes like clothes.

Rhymes with Weave: reprieve, unreprieve bereave, portreeve, reave, reeve, reve A apperceive, D deceive, K conceive, M misconceive, P perceive, PR preconceive, preperceive, R reconceive, reperceive, receive, S seave, U undeceive sheave screeve shirtsleeve, sleave, sleeve steeve recitative thieve retrieve qui vive interweave, inweave, reweave, unweave, we’ve

My sheets have a high thread-count, they're an impressive weave
Maybe 500 or a thousand -- I don't mean to deceive
They're so comfortable they'd make an awesome shirtsleeve
It may be better to give, but sheets like these I'm glad to receive.