Wednesday, August 26, 2015


2015 08 26 "Unsheathe" #OW

To unsheathe is to remove an item from its case.

To unsheathe looks like pulling a gun out of its holster.

To unsheathe sounds like the scraping of the knife blade on leather.

To unsheathe smells like adrenaline pumping as you get ready to fight.

To unsheathe feels like getting ready for battle.

To unsheathe tastes like blood and copper.

Rhymes with unsheathe: breathe, imbreathe, inbreathe, outbreathe bequeath, quethe enwreathe, wreathe seethe sheathe, ensheathe, smeeth teethe

You'll regret making me unsheathe
For what little time you've got left to breathe
Hope you made a will and worked what to whom to bequeath
And some likes you well enough to adorn your tomb with a wreath.