Monday, August 03, 2015


2015 08 03 "Success" #OW

Success means to accomplish your goals.

Success looks like a gold medalist.

Success sounds like, "Victory!"

Success smells like teen spirit.

Success feels like racing ahead of the pack.

Success tastes like champagne and caviar.

Rhymes with Success: decompress, depress, express, impress, compress, letterpress, oppress, press, recompress, repress, suppress, winepress archeress, duress, effloresce, fluoresce, phosphoresce, caress, manageress, votaress abscess, access, assess, cess, excess, obsess, precess, princess, process, reassess, recess, sess

Well, if you came to impress then your dress is a success!!
Let me take your photograph with this here smartphone (I don't have a press)
Let me coax you out of those clothes with my gentle caress
My tender feelings for you are making me hard to excess.