Saturday, August 01, 2015


2015 08 01 "SOS" #OW

SOS, meaning, "Save Our Ship," is a distress signal.

SOS looks like three dots, three dashes, three dots, or vice versa.

SOS sounds like, "beep beep beep beeeep beeeep beeeep beep beep beep."

SOS smells like trouble.

SOS feels like an adrenaline rush.

SOS tastes like blood rushing through your tongue as you get ready for fight or flight.

Rhymes with SOS: acquiesce, Es, s, SOS, quiesce, CBS bes, Bes, bouillabaisse bless, noblesse, rebless, unbless chess DRES A address, ambassadress, D diving dress, DR dress, F full dress, G gala dress, H headdress, M maladdress, N nightdress, O overdress, R readdress, redress, sundress, U underdress, undress fess, ’fess, fesse, confess, profess foreguess, guess, reguess aggress, digress, egress, ingress, congress, regress, retrogress, transgress Hesse jess, largess

I rushed over when I got your SOS
To find some random guy with you half in your party dress
So now is it you or me who's in greater distress?
I should just go but now I'm in this mess.