Friday, August 07, 2015


2015 08 07 "Rubenesque" #OW

Rubenesque refers to a big-boned gal.

Rubenesque looks like a painting by Rubens.

Rubenesque sounds like BOOM-chicka-BOOM, BOOM-chicka-BOOM, BOOM-chicka-BOOM!

Rubenesque smells like Cheetos.

Rubenesque feels like deep quicksand.

Rubenesque tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Rubenesque: Junoesque, Kafkaesque, statuesque arabesque desk, reading desk, writing desk burlesque, naturalesque Romanesque barbaresque, humoresque,Moresque, picaresque, picturesque, plateresque, chivalresque, sculpturesque blottesque, Dantesque, grotesque, gigantesque, soldatesque

Don't think it's a dig to be called Rubenesque
Lots of men find a girl who's Rubenesque to be a pleasure chest
They'd pay extra to find YOU doing a burlesque
All that extra you got going on is rather picturesque.