Tuesday, August 18, 2015


2015 08 18 "Receipt" #OW

A receipt is a piece paper indicating payment for goods or services.

A receipt  looks like a little white piece of paper.

A receipt sounds like a tiny printer grinding out the numbers as they are printed.

A receipt smells like paper.

A receipt feels like a little piece of paper perfect for crumpling up and throwing away.

A receipt tastes like thin pizza crust.

Rhymes with Receipt: deplete, incomplete, complete, pleat, replete, uncomplete afreet, marguerite, Masorete, terete D deceit, disseat, I inficete, J judgment seat, K catbird seat, conceit, county seat, country seat, M mercy seat, PR preconceit, reseat, S cete, Cete, seat, self-deceit, self-conceit, U unseat balance sheet, broadsheet, dustsheet, foresheet, freesheet, groundsheet, clipsheet, mainsheet, sheet, slipsheet, winding sheet skeet, skete sleet

Be sure to keep your receipt
Turn it in to Accounting so they can enter it into the broadsheet
And be sure they'll check it out looking for any signs of deceit
You won't be reimbursed until process is complete.