Sunday, August 09, 2015


2015 08 09 "Piste" #OW

Piste is a ski run of compacted snow.

Piste looks like dense white powder on a mountain.

Piste sounds like, "whoosh!" as you accelerate.

Piste smells like cold mountain air numbing your face.

Piste feels like hitting a patch of snow where you suddenly speed up.

Piste tastes like frozen water.

Rhymes with : aubergiste keest decreased, increased, recreased, uncreased queest leased, least, overpoliced, policed, released, subleased, underpoliced, unleased pieced, repieced archpriest, priest, unpriest deceased, ceased sneest artiste, batiste, teest arriviste yeast

Call me a priest of the piste
Amazed as my speed increased
On the slopes a ski artiste
If I hit a tree at this speed I'll be deceased