Friday, August 28, 2015


2015 08 28 "Peeve" #OW

Peeve is something that annoys you.

Peeve looks like a little kid sticking his tongue out at you.

Peeve sounds like a loud car alarm at 3 am.

Peeve smells like skunk.

Peeve feels like a migraine that won't go away.

Peeve tastes like circus peanuts.

Rhymes with Peeve: eave, eve, Eve, Christmas Eve, naive, New Year’s Eve, yestereve beeve breve, semibreve achieve, cheve, overachieve, underachieve deave, Khedive aggrieve, greave, grieve, Congreve heave, upheave keeve cleave, cleeve, cleve, uncleave queeve believe, disbelieve, interleave, leave, lieve, make-believe, relieve, unbelieve nieve Peeve

Eve, my pet, you're my pet peeve
I'm glad when you first come but you never seem to leave
It's the little things you do that so aggrieve
But I love if you to death, if you can believe.