Sunday, August 02, 2015


2015 08 02 "Less" #OW

Less denotes a decrease.

Less looks like I have two donuts and eat one.

Less sounds like your yapping getting quieter as you walk away.

Less smells like one squirt of the cologne sprayer instead of two.

Less feels like dropping a heavy sack and feeling 50 pounds lighter.

Less tastes like Diet Dr. Pepper.

Rhymes with Less: accresce, cress, mustard cress, pennycress, water cress deliquesce, liquesce coalesce, convalesce, less, nevertheless, nonetheless, obsolesce, opalesce, recalesce, reconvalesce, unless intumesce, kermes, mess, tumesce baroness, Dungeness, evanesce, finesse, canoness, luminesce, nes, ness, Ness, pythoness, rejuvenesce  compesce, satrapess

I'm willing to admit I like you, more or less
I like you more when you're outta that dress
And you're a wildcat in bed I must confess
In other words, you're the gal for me, I guess.