Monday, August 17, 2015


2015 08 17 "Heat" #OW

Heat is the excitation of molecules that creates warmth.

Heat looks like a pretty woman in a bikini.

Heat sounds like flames crackling on an open fire.

Heat smells like too much sweat.

Heat feels like burning.

Heat tastes like sriracha sauce on ice cream.

Rhymes with Heat: dead heat, overheat, preheat, reheat, superheat, underheat, unheat buckwheat, wholewheat, wheat exegete, munjeet, vegete keet, lorrikeet, mesquite, parakeet, polychaete, spirochete cleat, cleete, paraclete accrete, discreet, discrete, excrete, indiscreet, concrete, Crete, secrete queet athlete, delete, elite, leat, leet, obsolete dead meat, forcemeat, fresh meat, gamete, helpmeet, meat, meet, mete, mincemeat, pigmeat, raw meat, sweetmeat, unmeet neat, proxenete compete, peat, repeat

It's the humidity, not the heat
It's the humidity, not the heat
Should I say it again?  Do you want me to repeat
Then shut the fuck up and take seat
If you would fan me, that would be neat.