Monday, August 31, 2015


2015 08 31 "Freeze" #OW

Freeze means to drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

Freeze looks like shivering and water turning into ice.

Freeze sounds like teeth chattering.

Freeze smells like a runny nose.

Freeze feels like clamoring for more layers of clothing.

Freeze tastes like ice cream.

Rhymes with Freeze: antifreeze, enfreeze, frieze, nuclear freeze, cheval de frise, unfreeze koksaghyz, Portuguese grease heeze, he’s wheeze jeez quais, keys, marquise Androcles, Damocles, Periclese B Belize, Bengalese, H Hercules, I isosceles, J journalese, K cablese, L leas, lees, M Mephistopheles, N Nepalese, S Senegalese, Singhalese, T Tyrolese, V valise acadamese, Annamese, Assamese, Burmese, demise, camise, mease, mise, remise, chemise, Siamese

Oh, jeez!  I'm gonna freeze!
It's like there's no pants covering my knees!
It's hard to breathe -- hear me wheeze.
Let me into the warm house -- where are my keys?!