Sunday, August 30, 2015


2015 08 30 "Fleas" #OW

Fleas are tiny little parasites that get on dogs and cats and then invade your house.

Fleas look like disgusting little bugs.

Fleas sound like, "Aaagh!  Get these fleas off me!"

Fleas smell like vomit and doo-doo.

Fleas feel like millions of tiny little itchers.

Fleas taste like chicken.

Rhymes with Fleas: ease, heartsease, unease bise breeze, land breeze, sea breeze cheese, Big Cheese, head cheese, nipcheese, Swiss cheese (etc.) antipodes, Atlantides, BVD’s, galliardise, Hesperides, Caryatides, Maimonides, Pleiades, tiddledies,Eumenides feaze, feeze

These... fleas!
Biting me and giving me a general sense of ease
Do they have fleas in the Pleiades?
I hate when fleas ruin my Swiss cheese.