Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Easy street

2015 08 19 "Easy street" #OW

Easy street refers to a life of comfort and prosperity.

Easy street looks like a tycoon rolling around in his money.

Easy street sounds like the life for me.

Easy street smells like fancy cologne.

Easy street feels like freedom from distress.

Easy street tastes like buttered toast.

Rhymes with Easy street: backstreet, bystreet, downstreet, estreat, street, upstreet bittersweet, bridal suite, honeysweet, mansuete, meadowsweet, presidential suite, royal suite, sunnysweet, suite, sweet, unsweet petite, teat aesthete, thesmotheteT Dutch treat, entreat, estreat, illtreat,maltreat, mistreat, retreat, treat tweet aquavit peetweet, weet carte de visite

I was never cursed with a life on easy street
Never found out first-hand if it was all that sweet
If we go for dinner it'll have to be Dutch treat
And trust me, we won't be staying in the presidential suite.