Tuesday, August 11, 2015


2015 08 11 "Dressed" #OW

Dressed means wearing clothes.

Dressed looks like a formerly nude person no longer nude.

Dressed sounds like the friction from the fabric of your pants as you walk.

Dressed smells like fresh cologne.

Dressed feels like being all fancy, wearing clothes and all.

Dressed tastes like lettuce with oil and vinegar on top.

Rhymes with Dressed: addressed, overdressed, readdressed, redressed, underdressed, well-dressed, undressed, unredressed disinfest, fessed, fest, gabfest, infest, confessed, counterfressed, manifest guessed, guest, unguessed digressed, progressed, regressed, retrogressed, transgressed

I was so stressed I nearly forgot to get dressed
I've never been so rudely treated as a guest
I'm calling out my host, saying they transgressed
What did they do?  Haven't you guessed?