Sunday, August 16, 2015


2015 08 16 "Downbeat" #OW

Downbeat means depressed.

Downbeat looks like looking at your shoes.

Downbeat sounds like thud.

Downbeat smells like a diaper that needs to be changed.

Downbeat feels like losing.

Downbeat tastes like Wonder bread.

Rhymes with Downbeat: eat, overeat, undereat beat, beet, browbeat, deadbeat, drumbeat, heartbeat, offbeat, sugar beet, upbeat bleat cheat, cheet, escheat, recheat defeat, effete, feat, feet, Lafitte fleet afreet, freit gleet greet, congreet

Don't mean to be downbeat
Wanna make you move your feet
Make your body hot, raise the heat
Get you going, increase your heartbeat.