Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beau geste

2015 08 12 "beau geste" #OW

Beau geste refers to a noble and generous act.

Beau geste looks like a soldier diving on a grenade to save her comrades.

Beau geste sounds like the opening to "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

Beau geste smells like a rose.

Beau geste feels like victory.

Beau geste tastes like the Ben & Jerry's my friend and I bought with the 5 bucks a lady gave us for giving her directions.

Rhymes with Beau geste: alkahest, behest, hest almagest, digest, egest, ingest, gest, geste, jest, congest, predigest, redigest, suggest firecrest, goldcrest, increst, crest, undercrest acquest, bequest, deliquesced, inquest, quest, request coalesced, convalesced, lest, molest, opalesced, recalesced, celeste messed, unmessed funeste, luminesced, nest anapest, Budapest, impest, rinderpest, pest

At your behest I'll perform a beau geste
I'll chase off that barking dog that's such a pest
Are you happy now that I've accomplished your request?
I'm hungry now so fix me a dinner that fit for me to ingest...