Thursday, August 13, 2015


2015 08 13 "Armrest" #OW

Armrest is part of a chair for resting your arm.

Armrest looks like an L attached to a chair.

Armrest sounds like the suction sound as a sweaty arm makes or breaks contact with the rest.

Armrest smells like sweat, stale popcorn and soda.

Armrest feels like the chewing gum the last person left for you to touch unawares.

Armrest tastes like stale popcorn and ABC gum.

Rhymes with Armrest: A appressed, D depressed, I impressed, imprest, K compressed, O oppressed, PR pressed, R recompressed, repressed, S suppressed, U unimpressed, uncompressed, unpressed, unsuppressed  arrest, B bookrest, Bucharest, D disinterest, E effloresced, Everest, F footrest, phosphoresced, FL fluoresced, H headrest, I interest, K caressed, N kniferest, O au reste, R rest,wrest, U uninteressed, uninterest, unrest

I should have guessed before I touched that armrest
That there'd be a guest left for me by the previous guest
What is that?  Old gum?  I'm not impressed.
I'll scrape it off my fingers, put it in the trash, and file this memory under repressed.